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open on Sunday at 11:00am and closes at 7:00pm

#Econnective offers best rated Office Support Services in Central London.


Established in 2012, we are dedicated to provide office support services to people visiting or working in the West End.


We are located within close proximity of Oxford Street and Regent Street just a few minutes walking distance from Oxford Circus.

Our focus is to provide one-stop shop to our customers.


Our large number of regular customers which is growing by the day describe us as helping & friendly; and bearing in mind the location our service & quality is excellent value for money.

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    High speed Internet connection. Wi-Fi access facility.

    Get on the Internet using our fast running computers to access your files on e-mails or websites to print or edit.


    Our computers are fitted with webcam and headset.

    Microsoft Word, Excel Powerpoint is available.

    Adobe Photoshop installed on selected machines.



    Pre-paid discount Internet Access passes available.

    Passes last 7 days, allowing you to utilize your remaining time on return

    Maximum download speed:18mbps and up to 2mbps upload speed over the network of 15 computers


    To check the current status of our network Follow us on Twitter



    Colour Laser and Black & White Laser printing service.


    Print a single sheet or reports, presentations, dissertations using our high speed colour laser printer.

    Get the job done in minutes.

    We only use high quality printing paper available in A5/A4/A3 sizes. From 90GSM to 300 GSM. Glossy and Shiny Matte paper types.


    Discount available on large volume printing.
    To get a quote for your large volume print job please contact us.


    Get your large volume prints in minutes and get them deliver to you!

    Our super fast printing machine reaches the speed of up to 45 pages per minute in colour laser and 60 pages per minute in black & white; Single/Double sided prints.


    ePrint Service

    We can print your reports, presentations and dissertations.

    Send us your files in PDF format by e-mailing at info @ and Pay online

    You will receive your job status by e-mail, Once your job is ready you can collect it or we can deliver your documents via courier service (charges apply).


    To print or ePrint your documents please contact us.



    Colour Laser and Black & White Laser photocopy service.


    Copy a single sheet or reports, presentations, dissertations using our high speed colour laser photocopier

    We only use high quality photocopy 90 GSM paper available

    A5/A4/A3 paper sizes

    Single/Double sided photocopy

    Enlarge or Reduce


    Discount available on large volume photocopies.


    Get your large volume copies in minutes! Our super fast photocopier reaches speed of up to 45 pages per minute in colour laser and 60 pages per minute in black & white.


    To get a quote for your large volume photocopy job please contact us.


    High quality scanning service.


    Scan a single sheet or large volume, our super fast multiple page scanning machine can convert your files into digital format in minutes; it enables you to have digital Back-up record, store them safely and also you have mobility of your record so you can retrieve information anywhere you want.


    Discount on large volume scanning service.
    To scan large volume document please contact us.


    Scan as:

    We scan as various type of files system; we help you select one which suites your requirement:


    Scan as PDF (image)

    Scan as PDF (text/searchable)

    Scan as TIFF

    Scan as JPG

    OCR Scan


    Scan to:
    You may choose one or more files storage media to secure your data, we can:


    Scan to CD

    Scan to Email

    Scan to USB drive

    Scan to Cloud Storage



    Quality of your data files is highly important factor; depending on your requirement we can scan

    from 100 to 600 dpi


    We can scan up to A3 size



    Digital enhancement


    If you need:

    * Old collection of photographs reprinted on to larger size?

    * Make copy of photographs?

    * To nicely frame some old photos but they have been damaged?

    * You have a poor quality photo on computer which need attention?


    then certainly you need our expert help.


    We can help you with digital enhancement technology


    * We convert your classic (black & white) photos into colour.

    * Heal damaged part of your photos.

    * Make small photos printable on larger size.

    * Change photographs background.

    * Remove unwanted section in photograph.

    * Merge two photographs to look alike one.

    * Recomposition & reconstruction of ripped photos.


    Fax Out:


    Send faxes to local, non-geographical and international numbers from this location and get the transmission report free!


    To send your fax visit our shop or email your document at:

    [fax @]


    Fax In:

    We also provide fax receiving service.



    fax service as low as £1.00 for local 020 numbers

    Please call us on 02074090083 to find out more about this service



    Document Binding Service


    We provide combe ring binding service (while you wait); student discount is available for this service bind your dissertaion and reports here.


    Bind 10 to 400 pages

    A clear front cover sheet

    Leather like black back or white back cover sheet

    Black combe/plastic ring


    Prices start from £5 for 50 pages


    You may visit our shop or e-mail us your files at info @ and pay on-line.

    You will receive your job status by e-mail. Once your job is ready you can collect it or we can deliver your documents via courier service (charges apply).





    We complete your printed documents with excellent presentable finishing.



    To place your order please call us on 02074090083



    We provide high quality lamination service


    Available sizes for lamination are ID cards size to A6, A5, A4 and A3 sheets.




    We provide local and international public phone call services.


    You may call on UK landline, UK mobile and UK 08 numbers.


    Call International landline, mobile and toll-free numbers to:

    North America, Canada, Europe, Australiasia, Africas, South America, Far Eastern Islands and Countries, Middle East, Central Asia, South Asia and Russian Federation.

    Please note that all toll-free numbers will be charged as 08 numbers.

    Prices start from £0.10p per minute (for local 020 landline numbers).


    We have variety of stationery items and accessories for sale.


    CD / DVD, USB Memory sticks, batteries, Card readers

    DL, C5, C4 White Envelopes and Jiffy Bags

    A4 Plastic Sleeves and Plastic Carry Folders

    Self-Stick Notes, Gumsticks, Invisible Tape, Stapler, Packaging tape,

    Notepads, Diaries

    Pencils, Pen, Eraser, TipEX, Markers, Highlighters

    A5, A4, A3 Printing Paper 90gsm to 300gsm


    We also do CD and DVD burning.

    Mobile phone battery charging.


    Instant Passport Photo Service


    We make photos for passport and visa according to specification of

    different countries in the world; whether you need photos for passport,

    visa or ID we will provide you best quality photos in minutes.


    UK Passport / Visa photos 35x45mm

    U.S.A Passport / Visa 50x50mm

    China Passport / Visa 33x48mm

    Schengen Visa


    and rest of the world


    We provide:


    8 Photos of 3.5 x 4.5 Cm.

    6 Photos of 3 x 4 Cm.

    4 Photos of 5 x 5 Cm. (2 x 2 Inches)


    Digital photo also provided for USA on-line visa application form.

    Prices starts from £15.00 while you wait service.



    Digital Prints


    You can print digital photos from your bluetooth enabled device, CD/DVD, USB Flash Drive and Memory Stick/SD/Mini-SD/Compact Flash/Smart Media XD/Multi-media RSMMC memory cards.


    Print your digital photos instantly in 3 different sizes:


    4 x 6 inches (10.6 x 15.24 Cm)

    5 x 7 inches (12.7 x 17.78 Cm)

    6 x 8 inches (15.24 x 20.32 Cm)



    Mailbox Rentals Service


    Get your private address at London's West End prestigious location.


    We are proud to offer our services for individuals and businesses in the heart of London.


    Set yourself free...

    You don't need to wait anymore for your parcel delivery at home or office


    Be informed...

    Get alert of your items delivery via Text or E-mail.


    Read more about this service on our official website >>


    Courier Services


    Worldwide parcels and excess baggage delivery via Fedex, DHL, UPS, TNT courier services from this location.


    Book a collection online.


    No account required


    Fast and reliable service


    Special online rates


    Hassle free service




    All paperwork provided


    Free collection


    Free packaging


    Open 7 days a week



    Read more about this service on our official website >>

Students discount:

Students discount on dissertation printing and binding services. (Students must have a valid student ID card)


Business deals:

Special rates for businesses on large volume jobs which includes printing, photocopy and scanning as well as booklets, posters, flyers, leaflets printing


Internet Access Passes:

Coming Soon!

Internet Cafe London Offers for students, businesses and general public.


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Internet Cafe London

4 Little Portland Street

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Tel. 02074090083

Near Oxford Circus Tube Station


328 Vauxhall Bridge Road

London SW1V 1AA

Tel. 02072335836

Near Victoria Train Station


We are open 7 days a week.

Opening hours:

Mon - Fri: 8.00am - 10.00pm

Saturday: 9.00am to 9.00pm

Sunday and : 10.00am to 8.00pm
Bank Holiday


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